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Jennifer Ames Owner

Jennifer Ames is a multi-talented individual who has made a significant impact in various fields. With a passion for creativity and innovation, she has excelled as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Born with an insatiable curiosity and a drive to make a difference, Jennifer has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

As an entrepreneur, Jennifer has founded and successfully grown several businesses, demonstrating her exceptional leadership and strategic thinking. She has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and transforming them into thriving ventures. Her ability to cultivate strong partnerships and build high-performing teams has been instrumental in her success.

Jennifer Ames, a native of San Diego, California, has always had a deep connection to the arts. Her journey in the creative industry began at the age of 12 when she embarked on a career in dance choreography. Her talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, leading her to work with prestigious dance companies and renowned choreographers.

In addition to her dance career, Jennifer also ventured into the world of modeling at the age of 14 with Elite Model Management. Jennifer worked as a high fashion model with Elite Model Management and Ford for 7 years.

Her background as a working model and knowledge of the industry assisted her in becoming an owner of a Model and Talent agency over 30 years ago.

Jennifer grew in her industry and eventually became an owner in 3 locations.

Jennifer has been recognized as a leader in the modeling and acting industry and has received numerous awards for consistently operating a top producing company in the world of modeling and acting for over 30 years.

24 years ago, Jennifer decided to take her career to the next level and start Avanti Model and Talent Management. Her passion for the industry and dedication to helping people break into the industry the correct way has led to the success of thousands of models and actors worldwide.

With her unparalleled drive, creativity, and philanthropic spirit, Jennifer Ames continues to leave an indelible mark on the world. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that one person can truly make a difference.


Billy Ames

A California native, 4th generation growing up in Santa Barbara Billy came from a family rich in California history with deep roots.

Growing up Billy excelled in sports such as football, baseball, track, and volleyball.

Billy also grew up within a family of ranchers and rodeo. He naturally followed the Rodeo life for over 20 years.

A father, a grandfather a loving son and husband, Billy loves to spend time with his family and values the tradition and history of his family roots.

One of Billys proudest journeys in life is the time he served in the Navy. A proud Veteran and a Native American, Billy continues his passion and love for his country.

As a business owner for over 20 years Billys excellent ability to manage and his attention to detail brings valuable skills to the operations of Avanti.

“I have watched my wife change people’s lives tremendously. I am in awe watching what my wife and Avanti have done for people’s self-confidence and life skills.” His vision for Avanti is to assist his wife and Avanti help people achieve their dreams, reach their goals and to provide tools to individuals that will help them navigate through life’s challenges.

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Gray O'Neal-Photographer/ Videographer

Gray started as a photographer 20 years ago. Having entered into a very competitive profession of photography, through his hard work and dedication he is now recognized as one of the best commercial photographers in the industry. His patience to learn and be creative has allowed him to expand his career as a photographer to many new areas such as web design. Gray has helped hundreds of models and actors have the best tools to market themselves as well as provide his clients with a polished and professional product. His work can be seen all over the US with some of the top modeling and acting agencies in the world. Click here to view the "Imagery by Gray" website.


John Stevens- Head of Talent Development

Born and raised in Miami, Fl. John wrestled as well as ran cross country in High School. After spending 20 years in the United States Army, and jobs as a bouncer, security guard, body guard, Group home manager, and Counselor John set his sights on Acting. He joined Avanti in 2015 and after being signed to an elusive Agency contract during which, he made 2 appearances on the TV show The Six on A&E, an appearance in the movie a Fitting Finale and a lead Role in the upcoming WEB-SERIES Circles. He decided to devote more of his time to coaching for Avanti Model & Talent Management and is now currently the head coach of Talent & Development. He started his own Production Company in 2022 Keoniproductions.

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Lisa Creel-Executive Director

Meet Lisa, a native to San Diego California, a vibrant and dynamic individual who grew up as a cheerleader, singer, model, an experienced dramatic actress, expert piano player and actively engaged in her community. With her infectious enthusiasm and positive spirit, Lisa has always brought great energy to every setting she belonged in. Whether it was leading the cheer squad or volunteering for local events, she never failed to uplift those around her. Lisa moved to the east coast over 15 years ago to become a Talent Scout and has grown to be a leader in the industry. She is known for her amazing eye to recognize potential talent. Lisa’s dedication and commitment to talent breaking into the world of modeling and acting has been recognized and awarded as one of the top talent scouts in the nation. Her work and dedication to the team has made her an invaluable asset to her community.


Desiree Sutton-Executive Director

Desiree Sutton comes from an immense acting and modeling background. Desiree has been in love with the Industry her whole life. Started with school plays as far back as elementary school and video production classes in middle school then In high school and college involved with the Theater programs all 8 years. Desiree also comes from a strong athletic background in numerous sports as well as cheerleading. After college, Desiree pursued her career as a professional in the modeling and acting world. Desiree has worked in the industry over 20 years and has worked and dedicated her life to becoming one of the industries best talent scouts. Desiree brings her energy and commitment to this team as well as the talent she scouts and places.


Kimberly Smith-Executive Director

From a young age, Kimberly knew she wanted to be in the Talent business. Watching TV with her family was always Kimberly’s favorite pastime and she aspired to become a Hollywood Star when she grew up! Of course, life had other plans and she became the next best thing, a mom to 4 beautiful girls. It wasn’t until her youngest daughter became a young teenager that Kimberly’s dream of working in the Talent world would finally come to fruition.

After going through the process of helping her youngest daughter reach her dreams of becoming a young model/actor herself, Kimberly realized that her love of all things Talent never really went away. When Kimberly saw all the things Avanti could do for others, and after her daughter received her own exclusive contract through Avanti, Kimberly asked herself, “What can I do for this company to not only continue in its success, but to also add my own and help others discover their own talents?” The answer was simple; she became an Executive Director.

Kimberly resides in Northwest Ohio with her husband and youngest daughter. In the summer months, you can find her rocking out with her oldest daughter at multiple music festivals or lounging by the pool with family and friends. During school months she’s always there to support her many grandkids in whatever sporting event or program they have that day. Kimberly is eager to find new talent for Avanti and make your dreams come true!


Sabrina Powelson-Executive Director

As a seasoned and highly accomplished national talent agent, Sabrina has spent some time at the forefront of the entertainment industry, shaping the careers of a myriad of talented individuals. With a keen eye for raw potential and an unparalleled knack for recognizing star quality, Sabrina has consistently propelled emerging artists and established talents alike to the pinnacles of success. With an extensive network spanning across various entertainment sectors – including film, television, music, and digital media – Sabrina has cultivated relationships with industry powerhouses, fostering collaborations that have led to the breakthrough of numerous artists onto the global stage.

A trailblazer in the field, Sabrina continues to redefine the standards of talent


Charity Messaoudi

Charity Messaoudi has worked with Avanti for 19 years. She went to school for opera, then started working in the modeling and acting industry. In her first year, she did 2 movies, 10 runway shows and 25 promotions jobs.

She moved to the business side of this industry because of her passion to help people pursue their dreams, and love of mentoring others.

Her 20 years of business development, operations, and management excellence as well as extensive industry knowledge helps give our talent and their support system the practical knowledge to pursue this industry as professionals - so that they can actually achieve the success they have always wanted.

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Christopher Carlo-Stylist

Chris is an actor singer song writer, former celebrity personal assistant, celebrity hair stylist, and fashion consultant. He is using his years of experience as a professional stylist and fashion consultant to help Avanti talent look and feel the part of an actor and/or model.


Colton Grady

Full Stack Engineer. Circles, freelance. Experience working with numerous clients across the artificial-intelligence, travel, entertainment, and social media spaces, taking client requests all the way to production. I have a passion for building and using the tools necessary to deliver a valuable experience to customers, and bridging the gap between a simple idea and a real product.

Avanti Model & Talent Management

Over 26 Years of Experience in the Modeling/Acting Industry