WCS 2024 (West Coast Spring) Showcase

Preps are mandatory. They should not be missed. Preps cannot be made up. Please make sure you attend all preps in appropriate attire and in an appropriate space.

Showcase Dates

May 17th-19th - Next update 4/24/24

1759 Glendale Blvd, Suite A

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Friday May 17th- Check in 5pm PST- Dress in All black- not your showcase all black. Bring all Photoshoot and showcase clothing with you.

You will be broken up into 3 New Groups A, B and C

5pm- Check in - ALL GROUPS

6pm-9pm - Fashion Workshop, Photoshoot Workshop, Meeting with Jennifer & Guests

9pm-10pm- Mixer


Saturday May 18th- Check in 8am PST- Arrive in form fitting clothing with runway shoes and selected photoshoot outfits. "Have your Sides Given to you by Head Coach John Memorized. If you have not been given sides you need to inform John at your next Check in meeting. PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR GROUP SCHEDULE FOR YOUR CHECK IN MEETINGS".

9am- 12pm- Photoshoots, Runway Workshop, Sides Directions Workshop

12pm-130pm - Lunch

130pm-530pm- Photoshoots, Sides Directions Workshop

6pm- 8pm Reel Prep Workshops

Sunday May 19th- Check in 8am PST

Arrive in Comfortable Clothing and have ALL SHOWCASE OUTFITS WITH YOU.

Business Meetings 1 Tuesday a month 8pm EST Zoom ID- 597-449-9142

Dates: (Dates: Jan 23rd, Feb 20th, Mar 19th, Apr 23rd )

Avanti Model & Talent Management

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Modeling/Acting Industry