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Model & Talent Management

California Spring 2023

Dear California Spring 2023 talent,

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you IN PERSON finally! What a great weekend. Your photos on the beach are absoluetly stunning! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Now its time for the next step…your callbacks.. We had a 90% callback ratio!!!! That is so amazing. You all did great.

If you did not get a callback it is so important that you set up a follow up meeting with John and we will share the feedback from the agents and you will need to work on the areas that they want you to work on and then we will resubmit. DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU!

Below you will find a link to click on and see all the callbacks. It is IMPORTANT that you write down all of the instructions very carefully. Step by step.

DO NOT submit any email until you attend the meeting on tues with me and John to answer all questions and discuss how to submit. You only have one chance on the submittal so don’t jump the gun.

Please get your photos and reels ordered from Gray right away as you will need them for the callbacks.

Please write down all of your questions for the Tues meeting and make sure parents are on the meeting.

Tues evening callback meeting is at 7pm PST. Use zoom code 283 930 9383

Congratulations again to all of you,

Jennifer Ames

Avanti Model & Talent Management

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Modeling/Acting Industry