Virtual Talent Showcase (VTS) Summer Showcase

Zoom Meeting ID: 597 449 9142 - All rehearsals are mandatory

Ticket Reminder

Your 2 all access ticket fee will be charged on Sunday August 7th ($150 total). Any Additional tickets can be purchased for show date only at $25 each. Please call Billy @ 805-895-4395 to purchase additional tickets.

To view showcase click this link

Production Meeting

September 7th 11AM (If missed September 3rd rehearsal)

Business Meeting

(Wear all black outfit that you will be recording your reel in)

Friday September 9th 4PM (Groups A/B/C/D)

5-9PM (Acting/Reel Prep/ Posing/Hair & Makeup)

9-10PM (Wrap up)

Saturday September 10th

(Arrive in all black reel recording outfit/Hair & Makeup Done)

9AM-Group A-Reel Recording (will receive link from Reel Recording)

9AM-Group B-Rehearsal (Meeting ID: 597-449-9142)

10AM-Group B-Reel Recording (will receive link from Reel Recording)

10AM-Group A-Rehearsal (Meeting ID: 597-449-9142)

11AM-Group C-Reel Recording (will receive link from Reel Recording)

11AM-Group D-Rehearsal (Meeting ID: 597-449-9142)

12PM-Group D-Reel Recording (will receive link from Reel Recording)

12PM-Group C-Rehearsal (Meeting ID: 597-449-9142)


(Arrive in Comfortable Clothing)

3PM-All Groups (A/B/C/D) Rehearsal

Join ZOOM-(Meeting ID: 597-4499142)

5PM Wrap Up

Sunday September 11th

(Arrive in comfortable clothing. Have all Showcase Outfits Available)

10AM Check In

10:30AM-12:30PM All Group Rehearsal

12:30-1:30PM-Change into Elevator Pitch Outfit/Placement Check/Attendance


Production Meeting

September 7th 11AM

Showcase Weekend

September 9, 10, and 11th

If you have any issues with any information above, you will contact Jennifer directly and only Jennifer.

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