Avanti Virtual Program (AVP) AVP919

Zoom Meeting ID: 396-710-8120

Preps are mandatory. They should not be missed. Preps cannot be made up. Please make sure you attend all preps in appropriate attire and in an appropriate space.

#1-Orientation- Talent Intro/Intro to Runway/Photo Posing

August 19th 7pm EST

#2-Photoshoot Makeup/ #3-Photoshoot Prep & Outfit Approval/ Photo Booking/Mock Photo Shoot

October 17th 7pm EST

#4-Elevator Pitch Creation/Commercial Creation/Marketing Tools/Social Media Branding

October 24th 7pm EST

#5- Understanding Castings & Auditions/ Mock Casting Submittals

November 7th 7pm PST

#6- Scene Study/ Intro to Casting Depo

November 14th 7pm PST

#7- Elevator Pitch & Commercial Approval

December 5th 7pm EST

#8- Intro To Improv

December 19th 7pm EST

#9- Scene Study Performance

January 2nd 7pm EST

#10- Showcase Introductions/Checklist

January 16th 7pm EST

Avanti Model & Talent Management

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Modeling/Acting Industry