Avanti Virtual Program (AVP) AVP129

Zoom Meeting ID: 254 893 2545 - All rehearsals are mandatory

Preps are mandatory. They should not be missed. Preps cannot be made up. Please make sure you attend all preps in appropriate attire and in an appropriate space.

We are adding Preps free of charge to your Schedule per our new Syllabus so that you do not miss out on new subjects covered.

#1-Orientation- Talent Intro/Intro to Runway/Photo Posing

January 29th 11AM-1PM

#2-Photoshoot Skincare & Skincare & Makeup

February 5th 11AM-1PM

#3-Photoshoot Prep/ Location Approval and Outfit Approval

February 12th 11AM-1PM

#4-Mock Photo Shoot

February 19th 11AM-1PM

#5-Photo Booking/ Q &A (Old Syllabus)

February 26th 11AM-1PM

#6-Marketing Tools (Old Syllabus)

March 5th 11AM-1PM

#7-Understanding Castings & Auditions

March 12th 11AM-1PM

#8-Social Media Branding (Old Syllabus)

March 26th 11AM-1PM

#9-Mock Casting Submittals

April 2nd 11AM-1PM

#10-Intro To Casting Depot (Old Syllabus)

April 16th 11AM-1PM

#11-Scene Study

April 23rd 11AM-1PM

#12- Improv

April 30th 11AM-1PM

#13-Scene Study Performance

May 7th 11AM-1PM

#5-Runway Basics- Posture/ Stance/ Walk line (New Syllabus)

May 21st 11AM-1PM

#8- Elevator Pitch & Commercial Creation (New Syllabus)

June 4th 11AM-1PM

#15- Monologue Creation

June 25th 11AM-1PM

#16- Fashion Dress For Success & Showcase Outfit Selection

July 2nd 11AM-1PM

#17- Industry Research/ Monologue Approval

July 9th 11AM-1PM

#18- Industry Research Presentation

July 16th 11AM-1PM

#19- Showcase Checklist/ Outfit Approval/Monologue Approval

July 23rd 11AM-1PM

#20- Certification Presentation/ Showcase Details

July 30th 11AM-1PM

Avanti Model & Talent Management

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