Fall 2013 Showcase

Dear Avanti talent,

This was an amazing show and I’m sad that my time with this group of talent has come to an end. I will miss rehearsals with you guys. But now we must move on to the next chapter in your journey. Please remember the Avanti staff will always be here for you. So this is NOT over!!

Ok, first you need to make sure you have a pen and paper before you click on the callback page so you can take detailed notes. Once you click on the callback page you will click on each agents name and if your name is listed with them you need to scroll down and copy the instructions down carefully. Once you have gone through each agents list you will need to prepare for your callbacks. Most agents and casting directors will want to see emailed photos. Bridget and I will be calling on Wed Nov. 6th between 2-9pm to take your photo order over the phone. You must have your order ready that day if you want to have photos ready in time to go on your appointments. Please review the attached photo packages below from Gray O’Neal.

Once you book your appointments to meet with the agents make sure you have all of your marketing tools ready to go to your appointments. ALWAYS show up early, dressed professionally (solid color clothes) have your hair and makeup done naturally, have a laser copy for each appointment to leave with the agent, your book put together (must be a professional book not a binder) and your resume updated. This is a lot so make sure you are organized ahead of time.
You need to go to ALL of your meetings before you decide who you are going to sign with. These are exclusive contracts so you can only sign one. Once you go to your meeting you must call me at 919-522-5148 before you sign a contract. Remember ALL of the attending agents and casting directors are some of the BEST in the industry so please do not call me asking if I think an agent is a good agent. The decision to sign is yours. This is why you need to meet or speak with each one that you received a callback from before you make your decision.

I’m so excited to hear from you all about your meetings. This is going to be a great season. Please remember that you can ONLY speak to me with questions about your callbacks and contracts. Please do not ask ANY other staff member questions about callbacks or contracts. This is a VERY important step in your process.

Jennifer Durazzo

Avanti Photo Package Special.pdf
Click [here] for Callbacks
Photo Packages and Order Form.pdf You may order a DVD of the Fall 2013 Showcase by [clicking on this link]